I Love Dating

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“I love dating!” Said no-one ever. But, here’s the thing.  You can’t hate your way to love.  Anyone that knows even the slightest bit about the law of attraction knows that your thoughts and feelings give off your “vibe.”  If you are miserable, frustrated, and bored with dating, you’re going to keep putting out that vibe and attracting more misery, …

How to Create an Abundance Mindset

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Our biography shapes our biology.  The stories we tell ourselves and the words we use are so powerful that they literally shape our reality. Habitually, we often tell ourselves that we NEED something.  We rarely speak of just WANTING something.  My year of not spending broke me of this habit as I would continuously hear myself and others speak of …

4 Common Money Blocks

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A “GET” mindset.  Money is not actually something that we get/pursue…   It is something that we attract. You’ll know that you have this block if you think things like this, “If could GET  more money, I could BE more generous.”  I used to think that if I could GET more money, I could BE free to pursue the things …

Undercover Billionaire

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I am OBSESSED with this show!!   It’s like my favorite fun, lovable, billionaire uncle took me to work for 90 days and said, “watch and learn!”  I was fascinated from the get go! I just binged the whole first season, and I learned so many wonderful things posted below.  But, watch the show!!!  You’ll love it, and then please tell …


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My Clients Struggle with Burnout.  They come to me, and they say, “I’m so tired of being the giver all the time.” And I say, “why?  Giving feels amazing!!! Why not choose to always be the giver?” When we feel burnout, it’s because we are giving to GET.  Ask yourself why are you giving in the situation.  Do you like …

How Money Issues can be a Sign of Unresolved Trauma

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Have you ever tried budgeting with cash envelopes, and it didn’t work for you? Hopefully my repeated failure at this budgeting strategy can offer you some insight. I tried budgeting with cash envelopes for almost 15 years. Every time I started, I almost never made it past the first month—maybe I did once or twice, but I always ended up …

Why “Do what you Love & the Money will Follow,” is Terrible Career Advice.

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I’m a money mindset coach. Many people seek out my services because of their pervasive feeling of being unsatisfied with their jobs, and longing for something that will inspire them with passion and purpose. They come to me with a strong conviction that if they could just discover what it is they truly love, then they would be on the …

10 Things Depression May be Trying to Tell You.

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We’re in the middle of a pandemic—who wouldn’t be depressed? Although this circumstance may leave us appropriately feeling this way, I would also like to offer up the idea that maybe it’s possible that these feelings of depression actually serve us in some way. Lately, I’ve noticed a shift in my perception regarding certain circumstances listed below. In fact, my 14 years …

From Empath to Hercules: How Healing my Relationship with Money helped me Find my Power.

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This is for my tribe of empaths. Have you endured narcissistic emotional abuse? Are you tired of having to prove your worth? Do you feel utterly powerless? Listen up! This. Is. For. You. I used to call myself an empath. I spent years in a relationship rife with narcissistic abuse. I lost so much power and belief in myself. As soon …

Thought Errors

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What is a Thought Error? Watch Thought Errors by April Wahl to learn what a thought error is and skills to overcome it. This is you time to love your current situation! Let’s Talk. Read More Publications by April Wahl