Money Sabotage

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Do you have a block that is sabotaging you and telling you not to go for it?

Most of us have a belief that money is hard. What would it be like for you if money were easy?

“Money is hard“ is one of the main thought blocks that block us from money and other forms of abundance.  It will tell us to not even go for the simplest of things.  In my case, it’s the extra loving details that make my home beautiful. Recently, I witnessed my brain throwing thoughts at me like hand grenades over twinkle fairy lights. 

You won’t know what to do with those. Where would you put them? You’ll be wasting your money., etc.

All of those thoughts seem innocent enough, until I started to look at buying some new plants. 

Where will you put that? You’ll just have to repot it later. All your plants always die. It’ll be a waste of money. Why bother? And more. 

All these thoughts stem from the belief that “money is hard.” 

So then we give up, and we resign to the idea that we will never get what we want.  It all takes too much effort, and then we get to prove our belief that money is hard.

Again, it all seems innocent enough. However, I really wanted more warm and beautiful decor in my place.  I always thought I was a minimalist, but maybe now I’m discovering it’s less by choice. What if money just helps make us more of who we are?

I bring this to you on a small scale. But, this is a pattern that we run in large in our lives.

Notice if you have a block that is sabotaging you and telling you not to go for things…. Big or small!

What if money just makes us more of who we are? In my case, warm, beautiful, and inviting.

I’m wanting to extend these personality traits into my home environment. What if money is here to support me in that?
What if getting money is actually as easy as turning on your water faucet?

Some thoughts I’d like to offer to invite more abundance into your life:

  • What will it take for you to receive more abundance?
  • What would it take for you to always have extra?
  • What would happen if you believed you could make money quickly and easily?
  • What if it’s possible to make money quickly and easily?
  • What would you do or have then?

For myself, I noticed that if I would not worry about wasting money, I would buy the plant. Sure, maybe it would die, but maybe I would also learn to take care of it. And if it died, I wouldn’t place my thoughts on wasting money. I would see it as a lesson learned because money would always be there for me to help me be more of who I am. If I believed that money is easy to get, then I’m not afraid of losing even the smallest of amounts.  I would take the chance to discover how I like and use the twinkle lights. And the artwork on the wall. And more … oh so much more than even the small things.

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