What’s your million dollar thought?

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On of the things I teach my clients is that money is made with your mind.

It’s your thoughts that lead to valuable actions and ideas. I teach my clients a specific model to get the results they want in their lives, and the model works like this: 

  1. Life presents a neutral CIRCUMSTANCE.
  2. You have a THOUGHT about it.
  3. Your thought leads to your FEELING.
  4. You take ACTION or (inaction) from your feelings.
  5. Your actions lead to your RESULTS.

The pivotal point of power in the model is in the thought line. Our thought about the neutral circumstance is optional and moldable to drive any result that you want. It’s the sweet spot where you can offer up something to rewire your brain for different results.  

So, if you want a million dollar result, ask a million dollar question. Recently I asked my posse of coaches, what is your million dollar thought? What is the thought that makes you feel so empowered with possibility? I thought I’d share some of the results.

Try a few of these THOUGHTS in your own brain and see how they FEEL for you.

  • It’s fun to make money and help people 
  • I create value in perpetuity
  • I am exactly what the world needs right now
  • Inspiration is waiting for me!
  • What if what I want is possible?
  • The more fun I have, the more money I make
  • My mind is brilliant
  • Money is easy
  • I really can put anything in the result line
  • I can do hard things
  • I have powerful thoughts that add value
  • Business is easy
  • I can figure anything out
  • This is working
  • I really can do anything I want
  • I’m a money magnet
  • I’m an idea factory
  • My result is inevitable
  • This is fun
  • I’m doing it!
  • I will be an example that making more money brings more good into the world
  • When I get my offer in front of them, they buy
  • I believe beyond a doubt that I’m getting better at believing every day
  • My fortune is in my faith

And now thanks to all the great coaches who have shared their brilliant thoughts, we can all think the thought, my brain is full of million dollar thoughts. I’m going to make that my new mantra.

How will you create your future on purpose? What’s your million dollar thought? Please share in the comments bellow.

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