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I am OBSESSED with this show!!  

It’s like my favorite fun, lovable, billionaire uncle took me to work for 90 days and said, “watch and learn!”  I was fascinated from the get go!

I just binged the whole first season, and I learned so many wonderful things posted below.  But, watch the show!!!  You’ll love it, and then please tell me what you loved most in the comments below 


Warning:  There may be a few spoilers 

First, the premise of the show…Self-made billionaire businessman, Glenn Stearns, claims that the American dream is alive and well today with abundant opportunities everywhere.  People tell him he got a lot of lucky breaks to get where he is.  He’s convinced that it’s not luck and he could do it again.  From nothing.  Not even using his real name, contacts, or personal fortune.  He bets that if he’s given $100 and 90 days, he can find an opportunity to make a million-dollar business.

Glenn was born into a working-class family, both of his parents struggled with alcoholism, he was diagnosed with dyslexia, he failed the fourth grade, and he fathered a child at the age of 14. Many of us might consider that to be an adverse background that does not yield billionaires.  I won’t tell you the outcome, but win or lose, the man’s got skill and we could ALL learn a thing or two from him!!    

Here’s what I learned…

  • 1 – He’s CONVINCED.  Before he even knows where he’s going to be dropped off with only $100 and a truck, He KNOWS he can do it.  He’s so convinced, he doesn’t even need to know the HOW. He just KNOWS, and he’s giddy with excitement to discover the ‘how’ and tell you all about it.  Most of us spin in self doubt when we set our big goals.  When was the last time you believed so hard?  Believing is seeing.
  • 2 – He shows up asking, ‘How can I serve?’
  • 3 – His efforts are 100% committed.  They are not a zero sum game or quid pro quo.  He efforts UNTIL he results.
  • 4 – His efforts are oozing good will and value for all.
  • 5 – He’s focused on his very next step, and he trusts that it will lead to the next step.  How often do we spin in confusion waiting for the whole path and all the steps to be revealed in order to get started?
  • 6  – He’s not afraid to work hard and do what it takes…. Let’s just say he does some interesting things to raise money!  And, HE DOESN’T NEED TO FEEL CONFIDENT AND GOOD TO TAKE ACTION.  So many of us spin in self doubt when we’ve never done something before.  We wait for confidence to show up.  He tackle jobs and opportunities with zero experience.  He taps into his SELF-CONDFIDENCE, his belief that he will figure things out.
  • 7 – Plan B could be even better!
  • 8 – He fails A LOT.  With no shame.  To him, it’s just feedback of what didn’t work, and he’s on to discover what does work!  Without spoiling too much, how many of us would have quit after failing to sell balls to dog owners for $1?  Or, after discovering a major problem with the house you planned to flip? Mad props to his commitment to take massive action no matter what!  What would happen if you showed up that committed to your own goals?  What if EVERYTHING is progress?  No win is too small and no loss is final.
  • 9 – If things go wrong, don’t go with them.
  • 10 -The weather is just an excuse and when you make excuses, you never reach your goals.
  • 11- Endure more pain than anyone else.  Don’t quit.  Owning your own business is extremely hard and success comes to those who push through the pain.  Discomfort is the price of your dreams.
  • 12 – If you’re going to build the American dream, be prepared for setbacks.  It’s how you recover that counts.
  • 13 – Don’t confuse effort with results.  You need to find ways to work smarter.
  • 14 – People need a hand up, not a hand out.
  • 15 – When you help one another, you can rise up.
  • 16 – Notice…what do you bring that’s different from anyone else?  Bring it!

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