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Today I would like to remind you of a true labor of love…. developing Self Confidence. 💕

Most of us just think of confidence. It is our ability to do something. That ability to believe that we can do something is based on our PAST experiences. For instance, we are confident that we can pour a glass of water because we have done so successfully before.

However, developing confidence does not develop Self Confidence.

Self-Confidence is FUTURE focused.

It is our belief in our ability to figure things out. It is our belief in our ability that we can manage our experience of failure. It’s our belief in ourselves to show up and take action.

And mostly, it’s a DECISION to think about ourselves however we want.

Most of us cling and grasp to confidence in hopes that it will give us enough to become Self-Confident.

April Wahl

But because Self-Confidence is FUTURE focused, it takes a mindful decision ahead of time. Our brains tell us that me must know the outcome and how to do it “right” before moving forward.

I DECIDED several years ago that, “It’s more important that I trust myself over doing it right.”

I DECIDED that I was going to show up, take action, and have my own back. Knowing this gave me the self-confidence to do anything.

Once you show up for yourself that way, it then becomes evidence to your brain that you can figure things out when you didn’t know how.

It becomes your new past experience, and it gives your brain the confidence that you can develop Self Confidence. 😉

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