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My Clients Struggle with Burnout. 

They come to me, and they say, “I’m so tired of being the giver all the time.”

And I say, “why?  Giving feels amazing!!! Why not choose to always be the giver?”

When we feel burnout, it’s because we are giving to GET. 

Ask yourself why are you giving in the situation.  Do you like your reason?  When we give from a place of wanting to get, we will never get enough. We will constantly feel empty.

Burnout comes from when your actions are fueled by scarcity thoughts. 

When you feel so full that you want to just give, give, give…..giving feels great!! You want to give all the time and you literally cannot wait for your next opportunity to give.

And, giving from that place feels fulfilling.

Want to learn how to give without feeling burnt out? Let’s Talk.

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