4 Steps to Confidence

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Four steps to confidence!

So many of my clients come to me seeking confidence.  

They tell me that if only they had confidence, they could actually do all the things they want to do.  If they just had it, they could live their dreams, and they want to know more about just how to get it.

Dan Sullivan explains:

First, you make the commitment. Then you have to use courage. Then you develop capability. And only then do you generate confidence.

Don’t wait for the confidence before you follow through on your commitment. You don’t need confidence-you need courage.

My mantra through the years has been, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

You’re waiting for confidence to roar in and give you permission to pursue your path.  But, It’s COURAGE that roars through the fearful mind chatter that holds us back.

Thinking the thought, “I need to have confidence” is indulging in a lie that pretends to keep you safe.

It leads to procrastination, confusion, and overwhelm.  And, as my own coach has taught me, “these things tuck you into a bed of hiding that is so completely boring and uninteresting to your evolving brain…. So uninteresting that you will need to buffer to cope!”

Confidence is the quiet content result of learning to supervise your brain through uncertainty.

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