4 Common Money Blocks

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A “GET” mindset.  Money is not actually something that we get/pursue…  

It is something that we attract. You’ll know that you have this block if you think things like this, “If could GET  more money, I could BE more generous.”  I used to think that if I could GET more money, I could BE free to pursue the things I actually enjoy.  In order to attract money, you align yourself with that way of BEING that you are looking for.  Make yourself a vibrational match.  Be generous now.  And remember, true generosity benefits all parties involved. If you are being generous at the expense of your own self, that is not true generosity.  Be free now.  Practice making choices not out obligation or responsibility.  Let go of the idea that you need ‘permission’ for anything.  Let money come to you.

Fear, doubt, worry.

Be willing to lose that which you want the most.  No fear, no threat.  No victim, no crime.  Be willing to lose the job. Be willing to lose the salary.  Your fear cuts off the flow. Make space for doubt to be there. Life is full of uncertainty.  When are you going to decide to be on YOUR team? The only thing you need to know is that you will totally have your own back. My favorite mantra is “everything is Figureoutable, and I will have my own back.” Worry pretends to be necessary.  It’s not useful to only think about the things that could go wrong. That is a misuse of imagination. If you’re going to spend your time worrying about what could go wrong, you need to give equal air space to what could go right.

Believing the story… “I’m not enough.”

This is a straight up thought error.  Imagine saying that to your partner or your kids. It’s not true. And it’s mean. What you focus on expands. Draw a line in the sand and STOP perpetuating your story of lack.  There is ZERO upside to that.  Redirect your brain every time you collect evidence to support that story.

Not knowing what you want.

Some of us have been conditioned in our lives to fulfill the wishes of our parents or other people. We are so conditioned that we don’t even know what we want.  It seems we only know how to operate from a sense of obligation, should, or supposed to…Daily, moment to moment, ask yourself what do you want?  Practice making micro decisions from that space.  Ask yourself why. Do you like your reason? have your back no matter what!!  So many of us indulge in regret.  Regret is a FEELING caused by the story we tell ourselves about our decisions. Regret is an indulgent emotion that only keeps us stuck…..  have your back!  If you wouldn’t choose to keep one of your teammates stuck, then choose not to keep yourself stuck.  There is no upside to regret….  No matter how much you feel it, it will not change your outcome. Of course, we don’t always get what we want, but it’s good to be in touch with what it is that you do want. So much creation can come from that!!

What money block do you identify with most? How do you work with it?

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