Stop worrying about money and discover your worth!

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Stop worrying about money and discover your worth!

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Money is Made
with Your Mind.

I used to struggle with money. For years. Like many Americans, I started my young adult life with a substantial amount of student loan debt. And despite being smart, well educated, and earning a decent income, I constantly found my bank account short. I spent enormous amounts of energy stressing and worrying about my next dollar, covering all my expenses, and figuring out when I could just finally get ahead. In fact, I often worked at least 2 jobs because I felt that there’d never be enough to get by. My single mom worked two jobs most of my childhood, and I was taught that two jobs were NEEDED…. just to get by. Money was scarce in my world and definitely hard to get!

Every problem you
have about money is
a thought problem.

For many of us, we’d really like more money in our bank account. We believe it would be the answer to so many of our problems, and we’d be able to finally quit stressing about it. But, what if I told you that there are no money problems? Money is neutral. It’s paper. YOU give it meaning, and every problem you have about money is a thought problem.

Love and Respect
Your Money.

It’s HOW you think about money that helps you access your bounty. People that do well with money, LOVE their money, and they think good thoughts about their money. All the time. They say things like, “I love money, money is easy, and money is fun.” When people LOVE their money, they automatically like to budget, plan, save, invest and count their money. They like spending time with their money. We think money will be easy and we’ll love to do all that when we have enough. But, it’s the other way around. Our thoughts and feelings inspire our actions. You’ll have enough money and it will be easy when you love and respect your money NOW. You simply cannot struggle your way to freedom. It’s your love of money that will inspire that right action for you.

"April's coaching has given me multiple tools that I can implement on my own; including thought management, discerning between the facts and my perception, and how to recognize an unhelpful pattern in my life and where they come from. Her lovingly no-nonsense approach to thought and behavior management is all the more empowering because it's rooted in compassion and a first-hand experience implementing the life coaching model.

If you've been considering a life coach and are ready to commit to the outcomes you're after, I highly recommend you see if April's the right fit for you. She was for me."

– Keith

Discover Your Worth

With more than 20 years of experience in coaching, mindfulness, and meditation, I can teach you the tools to shift from feeling stuck in automatic habits with your money to using the power of your intentions. You will align with your money and confidently step into your power, purpose, and potential.

Invest in YOU.

The return is ridiculous!

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invest in you, the return is Ridiculous!

We live in a culture where it's not polite to talk about money. So, how are we supposed to develop the words to talk about our struggles? How are we to know where to go or what we need? Like many of us, my childhood and family patterns were rife with scarcity and struggle with money. In coaching entrepreneurs, I discovered, much like myself, that so many of us struggle with scarcity, limiting beliefs, and low self-worth. I developed a program to break free of those chains and I'm on a mission to help you do the same.

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Pure Potential

8 weeks • $1,000

I am ready to discover where my thoughts and beliefs are limiting my potential, my income, my business.

Curriculum for Creative Entrepreneurs.

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Prosperity Package

12 weeks • $1,000

I don't know what prosperity feels like, but I am ready to learn!

Find Freedom in Your Finances!

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Road to Riches

26 weeks • $2,000

I know prosperity and am ready to push the limits!

Prepare for Your Success on the Road!

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Wired for Wealth

52 weeks • $3,000

I am all in and ready to rewire my brain!

More Money, More Problems? Not Anymore!

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“Our first money mindset meeting with April was wonderful and so much less scary that we thought it would be. She meets you right where you are with so much compassion and understanding and kindness. She explains so well how our brains work so you can deeply understand why we’ve made certain money choices in the past. And I love how she always says “nothing is wrong” so there’s no need to shame or blame, instead you just learn about it and are curious of ways to change it. We so are looking forward to seeing what this year of working with April and our new money mindsets brings us!”
– Jill & Christopher

April Wahl, Founder

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Much like a bird puts it's faith in its wings and not the branch it sits on, I can teach the very same program that I used to have that same certainty with your money and the ability to create your dream life.

Financial Freedom Is Yours,

The Freedom Program includes 4 simple steps to financial freedom.
NO Budget and NO Math!

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I’d love to help you heal your relationship with money so you can stop stressing about it. Contact me to start the process, beginning with your FREE mini session. When you realize how money is made with your mind, you never have to worry about money again. And, that’s financial freedom!

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